Home Edition

Home Edition:
The words “Home Edition” are just my homage to a dying newspaper industry. Growing up I was a paperboy for The Columbus Citizen-Journal, a morning paper that closed shop in 1985. The Columbus Dispatch which had been an afternoon paper then switched to the morning. There was much controversy over the closing of the CJ. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

I can still remember being 15 years old and getting up at two in the morning to deliver the paper. I was trying to earn enough money to go to a summer camp in Colorado. The deal with my father was that if it was below 20 degrees, he would take me around my route by car. Otherwise, it was me and my Schwinn Stingray bike.

1971Stingray2 Home Edition

I can’t believe I found a picture of this bike. Hat tip to Jims59.com for his Schwinn page. My Stingray had a 20″ coaster brake, a “sissy bar”, a banana seat (actually mine was white), and “monkey hanger” handle bars. Man did I think I was cool.

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