My name is Jeff Parsons (email: webmaster@madrigalmaniac.com). I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker whose scope of practice is in mental health with a specialization in dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is someone who has a mental health disorder and a substance abuse or dependence disorder.

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I began using Madrigal Maniac as my alter ego probably in 1995. I used it as a handle on message boards and on various websites I had designed. I first heard the word madrigal in a Genesis song called Entangled from the 1976 masterpiece “A Trick of the Tail.” The first album after Peter Gabriel left the band. I used maniac because, quite frankly, I’m crazy:


Definition of Madrigal:

1. A little amorous poem, sometimes called a pastoral poem, containing some tender and delicate, though simple, thought.

2. (Mus.) An unaccompanied polyphonic song, in four, five, or more parts, set to secular words, but full of counterpoint and imitation, and adhering to the old church modes. Unlike the freer glee, it is best sung with several voices on a part. See Glee.


If you’ve read the blog at all it’s obvious I’m a progressive. However, I have not drunk the Kool-Aid. I will criticize Democrats when they are wrong and congratulate Republicans when they are right.