Trump Continues GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

VoterSuppression Trump Continues GOP Voter Suppression EffortsIn the last days of the election for President of the United States, Republican nominee Donald Trump has approved a voter suppression plan. Apparently, his campaign staff feels this is the only way he can win since it appears that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is kicking his rear end in the polls. The effort will concentrate on three groups. They are Idealistic white liberals, young women, and African Americans. America ranks 27th in voting among developed countries. We should be encouraging people to vote. However, the Republican party has a long history of trying to suppress votes from constituencies they believe will not support them. Since their ideas and rhetoric do not comport with the thinking of most Americans (there are more liberals in the country than conservatives), they are forced to lie, yell, and suppress the vote. While many Republicans question whether Trump is a true conservative, in this instance he is simply following their playbook.

The main tool of the right wing is to use voting restrictions that became prominent after the gutting of the Voting Rights Act. Cheif Justice John Roberts said when the Supreme Court decision came down that our country had changed. Apparently, signifying that he believed racism no longer existed. As we have seen with the unrest in many cities due to the killing of too many African-American men, this is obviously not true. Within hours of the Supreme Court decision, states began the process to enact strict voting laws. Currently, states with new voting restrictions account for 70% of the Electorial College vote. Evidently, the Supreme Court and many states believe that voting is a license (drivers) and not a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

I don’t understand the suppression of idealistic white liberals. Is the Trump campaign saying that people who vote for Clinton have ideals? Instead of suppressing their vote, why don’t they try and increase the votes of idealistic white conservatives? Or can’t they find any?

In March 1965, on a bridge outside Selma, Alabama, Civil and human rights activists, led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took to the streets in a peaceful protest for African Americans voting rights. They were met with terrible violence by state and local police as white onlookers cheered. Many were beaten and severely injured on a day that became known as Bloody Sunday. A young activist named John Lewis, who now is a Congressman from Georgia was also injured. Today, instead of violence, intimidation, and the Jim Crow laws, we have voter suppression. While some will deny it, this is nothing more than racism and it’s being gleefully used by the Trump organization.

Finally, the Trump campaign intends to try and suppress the votes of young women. This effort is due to the direct behavior of their candidate. He has said on tape that he believes in sexually assaulting women. Yet there are those whose fervor for Trump is so blinding they refuse to believe the 11 women who have reported that he did exactly what he has described. This belief is held by those who have no conscious. Instead, they blame the victim. How he expects women to forget the horrible words that came out of his mouth is like forgetting that you’re supposed to breathe.

It’s time for Americans to realize that Donald Trump is a sick man. His life, his behaviors, and his beliefs do not represent the norms that most citizens hold dear. Voter suppression is not only dangerous to a free society, it is unAmerican. It’s time to take our country back and remember what made us great is not a red hat. It is the belief that the constitution belongs to all of us and justice is for everyone.