Bad Strategy for Donations

Donate Bad Strategy for DonationsI am a Democrat. I have been a liberal all of my life. Being a liberal I have been a supporter of the Democratic Party for many years as a volunteer,  spokesperson,  and have made donations to the party. However,  recently the party and those who support it or its positions have relied on a new fundraising tactic that I believe is disrespectful to liberals.

If you are on any of the liberal email lists you are familiar with getting solicitations that appear to be about an important topic concerning current events, but is really just a fundraising ploy. However, now they are using demeaning titles to their fundraising emails which trouble me. I have written to the senders several times but have received no response. While this may be a minor issue that does not affect policy at all, I still think it says something about who we are and how we collect donations.

Here are some examples of titles from recent emails.

Jeffrey does NOT like Hillary Clinton?

Jeffrey Parsons votes for REPUBLICANS?

Jeffrey votes for Donald Trump

CONFIRMED: Jeffrey IS NOT voting for Hillary??

Jeffrey thinks Trump would be a GOOD President??

jeffrey is a Trump voter??

is Jeffrey voting for Trump??

is Jeffrey voting for Hillary?

Of course, based on my contributions I believe the Democratic Party already knows the answers to these questions. Why do they think writing an email that suggests I am ready to abandon my core principles and vote for the Republicans is beyond me. If they think this tactic will increase the likelihood that I will donate, they are sadly mistaken. It only makes me mad and causes me to delete the email often before I’ve read it.

What do you think? Is this a good way to increase donations to the party I have supported throughout my life? I don’t think so.