Trump Supporter Comments

StupidPeople Trump Supporter CommentsRecently I spent some time debating Trump supporters on YouTube. The discussion centered around an interview conducted by CNN anchor Kate Snow with Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson. Some media outlets suggested that Pierson did not perform well. Of course, Trump supporters blamed the media in general and Snow in particular. I had seen Pierson on programs before and did not find her particularly persuasive. In this case, I believe she did not disappoint and again performed poorly. Several studies have found that Trump supporters are less-educated than Hillary supporters. Based on my interactions with this group these studies also did not disappoint.The main issue was that no matter how cogent my argument was, my detractors would ignore my points and resort to calling me names. Here are some right wing Trump supporter comments.

Here’s a video of the exchange between CNN Anchor Kate Snow and Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson.

  • Hulbog Stonethrower 2 days ago
    Haha you boring loser, ya you eat donuts in your mom’s basement, don’t try to deny it.Was it something I said?
  • fully wrecked 4 hours ago
    I didn’t before but now I really hate fucking liberalsSee how useful my comments are. Now you know how much you hate liberals.
  • Davis Zanko 4 hours ago
  • Dave Moore 23 hours ago
    +Jeff Parsons Europe (England, France, Germany) used to be a nice place but since after the refugee Invasion now they are third world Venezuelan rat infested Sh**holes. but since you don’t know anything about what is going on in Europe it’s useless talking to youWow! If you think those countries are shitholes, you’ve never been to a shithole. Hell, just visit Gary, Indiana. Also, in the normal world, the countries you mentioned are called allies.
  • Dave Moore 23 hours ago
    +Jeff Parsons you slapnut! … you Dumb Yankee Islamic Mooslime sympathizer.It took me a while, but I finally figured out that Mooslime is a slur for Muslim. At least he was nice enough to capitalize it. Slapnut I had to look up and I found it in the Urban Dictionary which I assume means it’s not in the regular one. It basically means a stupid person.

As you can see, this groups debate skills are not yet fully developed. I would suggest this is because their brains are not yet fully developed. It’s scary, but I don’t want this group of liberal hating, FUCKING STUPID, slapnuts to choose our next president. Hopefully, they’ll get lost on the way to the voting booth.