OSU vs. Rutgers Recap

OSUvsRutgers OSU vs. Rutgers RecapMaybe it’s time I stopped doubting the Buckeyes. Of course, I always knew they had a good team, I just could not figure out how good they were. Well yesterday surprised me. I thought Rutgers would give Ohio State more of a game than they did. However, now I’m left to wonder did OSU beat a good team, or was the Rutgers five and one record a mirage. This time I’m going with Ohio State dominated a good team in every phase of the game and now they are back in the hunt for one of the final playoff spots in the National Championship.

Yesterday was not only a good day for the Buckeyes it was a good day around college football for teams ahead of the Buckeyes that were beaten. Notre Dame, Baylor, and Oklahoma all lost. However, when the polls came out, Ohio State still stood at number 13. I realize Notre Dame lost to a powerhouse, but I thought Baylor and Oklahoma would drop more in the polls. We’re always told that losses later in the year count more than losses early in the year. OSU lost early with what was essentially a second string quarterback at the time. Since then J.T. Barrett has turned into a QB that may actually be part of the Heisman Trophy debate. Ohio State is playing some of the best football in the nation. Yes they may not be playing really good teams, but they are rolling over these teams like a speed bump in the road. 50 points and 500 yards seems to be their norm.

Again, Barrett was terrific. He threw for 261 yards and three TD’s and he rushed for two TD’s and 107 yards. In comparison Florida State’s Jameis Winston had a quarterback rating of 75.2, Barrett had a QB rating of 99.2 or 24 points higher than last years Heisman Trophy winner. And he only played three quarters. Every phase of the game looked solid for the Buckeyes as this was truly a trashing of the Rutgers team.

As good as the Buckeye’s are playing, I still believe they have some difficult games left. Most notably Michigan State who they lost to last year in the Big 10 championship game and Minnesota who is having a good season. Both games are away. Still, there is hope in Columbus. If you would have told me before the season that we would lose Braxton Miller for the year and have a loss to Vermont, yet still have a chance to be in the playoffs, I would have asked what you were smoking. Hope is still alive.

  • RBD

    I think Rutgers will end the year with 4 or more losses. So are the buckeyes that good? I hope so, but remember they have only played one team with a decent defense. Virginia Tech. Night game at PSU will be a better test but of the remaining opponents only MSU is a complete team.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Rutgers lost 4 more. Especially after what I saw Saturday. I think you’re right about PSU being a tougher test. We play them away too. Minnesota is probably not as good as their record.

    I was in Minnesota during the 2010 season and was able to see what it was like when other teams play us. The city of Minneapolis was demoralized BEFORE the game. It wasn’t whether Minnesota wold lose, it was by how much. Of course then somebody would bring up cheating and say Ohio State was always good because they were cheaters. Oh, and Urban Meyer is a jerk.