Madrigal Maniac’s OSU vs. Navy Recap

OSUNavy1 Madrigal Maniac's OSU vs. Navy RecapMany Buckeye fans were scrambling to see this game. It turns out it was on the CBS Sports Network which is a premium channel a lot of fans don’t receive. There were options to see the game, but they all required you to fork over some bucks. I was lucky and found an internet link to the game that was free. It was probably illegal, but I think it was through the Armed Forces Network in Europe. As to whether it was illegal or not, I’ll take the 5th.

Many sports writers pointed out the game was tougher than the score made it seem and that was true. The offensive line was horrible in the first half, but appeared to play better in the second. The Buckeyes only rushed for 194 yards in the game opposed to Navy rushing for 370. However, while many of the writers pointed out how many rushing yards the Buckeyes gave up, that’s all Navy did was rush the football. They only passed for 20 yards for a grand total of 390 yards. If they had rushed for 270 and passed for 120, no one would be saying anything.

There are some who are saying the Buckeyes wore Navy down in the second half. I disagree as did the announcers for the game. Navy was a tough athletic bunch. No way they got tired.

I noticed that Dontre Wilson seems to be hitting the hole faster than he has. Man is he quick. While I’m not saying he’s Carlos Hyde, he appears to be a solid running back. So did Ezekiel Elliot. Both players ran the ball well when the new offensive line opened up a hole for them.

I think it’s too early to tell about the revamped OSU defense. They made some big plays, but they also gave up some big plays. You couldn’t really grade the secondary because Navy refused to pass the ball. The defensive front looked pretty good for the first game, especially against an option team.

Finally, there’s J.T. Barrett taking over for the injured Heisman candidate Braxton Miller. I thought he played well. It was his first game as a college quarterback and he looked in charge. He seemed to have a grasp of the offense, never turned the wrong way on a hand-off, and didn’t fumble the ball. He did throw one pick, but was 4 for 4 passing in the second half and threw for 226 yards and two TD’s for the game. Not bad for a first start.

Things will ramp up when the Buckeyes play Virginia Tech. next week. There are still a lot of questions to be answered on both sides of the ball. Go Bucks!