Carlos Hyde Video Tape: Domestic Violence or Not?

Here is the video that supposedly got Carlos Hyde kicked off the Ohio State football team. I believe it begs more questions than it answers.

Let me state first as a social worker I have seen the devastation caused by domestic violence. I have also facilitated a group of men who were perpetrators and charged with domestic violence. I have seen how their fractured thinking allows them to exert power and control over their significant others. So I don’t take domestic violence lightly.

Maybe I’m blind, but I have a few questions.

Isn’t this a pretty mild case? I mean she hit him first and he followed with what looked like a light smack then apparently realized what he did and walked away. It’s not conclusive whether his smack actually landed.

He doesn’t appear to have a history of domestic violence.

Isn’t this a big deal because he’s an Ohio State player?

Originally it was reported that Hyde had been kicked off the team. Now reports say that Hyde was suspended by OSU football coach Urban Meyer last week, pending the result of the investigation. Well the investigation is over and the police failed to bring charges.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to think about this. Is this domestic violence that should result in charges and expulsion from the team? Or, is it an overblown story based on the fact it includes a well known OSU player?