Let’s Get Serious About Keeping Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

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 Let’s get serious about keeping guns out of the wrong hands…


Dear Jeff,It’s a fact: Brady background checks have stopped more than 2 million gun sales to criminals and other dangerous people who shouldn’t have guns.

But web sites and gun shows across the country have provided new ways for prohibited buyers to get their hands on guns. That’s why H.R. 1565 is important.

H.R. 1565 is new legislation in Congress to expand Brady background checks on gun sales.

The gun lobby extremists desperately want to stop this bill.  But we’re not going to let that happen….

Text MYVOICE to 877877 and connect with your U.S. House Representative. 

Tell them you support expanding background checks,
and then urge them to co-sponsor H.R. 1565. 

If you were disappointed that the Senate failed to pass the Manchin-Toomey proposal last month, now’s your chance to tell Congress to make it right.

Text MYVOICE to 877877 right now and urge Congress to expand Brady background checks.

It’s time for politicians to get serious about keeping guns out of the wrong hands. Together, we can demand that lawmakers support H.R. 1565 to prevent gun violence and save lives.

With appreciation,

Brian Malte, Director of Mobilization
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


It’s time for Congress to get serious aboutkeeping guns out of the wrong hands.Text MYVOICE to 877877 right now.Urge your U.S. House Representative to co-sponsor H.R. 1565 and expand Brady background checks.

Voices Against Violence is a strong and growing coalition of people who support gun violence prevention and have come together to develop new and creative ways to engage the American public on this issue.