Which is Bigger: Charles Barkley’s Mouth or Belly?

CharlesBarkley2 Which is Bigger: Charles Barkley's Mouth or Belly?

Charles Barkley

Today The Ohio State University won an NCAA basketball game over Iowa State on a 3 point shot by Aaron Craft. After trashing the Big Ten Conference during halftime Charles Barkley seemed to blame the Iowa loss on a blown call by the officials. His TV partners pointed out that there are blown calls all through a game. But Charles was undeterred, he was adamant this bad call cost Iowa the game even though the evidence was sketchy. Was Craft’s foot hovering over the line or was it a bad TV angle on Craft taking a charge late in the game. Hard to tell.

This got me thinking about Charles and his career. One, he is a bad prognosticator. Two, he hates the Big Ten. And three, he was one of the most overrated basketball players of all time.

Bad prognosticator. He is often wrong when he tells you how a game will play out and even if he’s right it’s usually not for the reasons he has given. He was right that the game was close, but not for the reason he said. He said Iowa would win by continuing to hit 3’s as they had in the first half. Wrong! It was because OSU started to rebound Iowa misses better.

Two, he hates the Big Ten. Well he hates Bobby Knight. Knight cut him from the USA Olympic team due to his attitude and refusal to play Knight’s brand of basketball.

Finally, he was overrated. He never once won an NBA championship despite playing with Julius Erving, Moses Malone and Maurice Cheeks. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good basketball player. But one of the NBA’s 50 best, I think not.

He was and continues to be famous for his off the court antics such as DUI’s, spitting on little girls, throwing people into a glass pane, punching a fan and teammate, and admitting to a gambling problem, etc,.

But people overlook that with Charles. Hell, he even makes me laugh sometimes. But that is what he is as a basketball analyst, a joke.

Answer mouth or belly …… your choice.