Supporters of Tax Increase Launch Campaign

Those who support the proposal to raise the City of Columbus income tax by .5 percent have started a campaign called Citizens for Strong Neighborhoods and Good Jobs. The web site is here, but there’s not much to it yet. They still appear to be formulating their plans. They are using an old name from a previous campaign.

Lee Roberts, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Coleman’s political action committee, said the group is working, for accounting purposes, under a moniker established when Columbus led the charge to successfully pass a six-issue bond package in November 2008. A new, shorter name likely will be announced soon, he said.

Columbus Business First

I suspect they hauled this out sooner that planned since former republican candidate for mayor Bill Todd has announced the creation of his own anti-tax group.

The good news is those who are in certain at risk categories will not be taxed.

The tax, levied on everyone who works in Columbus regardless of where they live, doesn’t apply to retirees’ pensions, unemployed workers’ benefits or children’s wages.

The Columbus Dispatch

You can see a list of those who will not be taxed at the cities web site here.