Bill Todd Why Are You Still Talking?

I know it’s a first amendment issue. Bill Todd has the right to talk. But why is anybody listening? Former republican candidate for Columbus mayor Bill Todd today criticized the proposed tax increase of half a cent as misleading. He then went on to mislead voters.

Todd says that the city’s announcements about police and fire personnel reductions are misleading. Todd says there are two ways to treat voters.

“One of them is to provide them adequate information so that they can make informed choices as to what they think’s important or not important for their benefit – the benefit of the community,” says Todd. “And the other is to provide misinformation or scenarios that are unlikely to ever come true in order to try to derive an emotional response from voters.”


If you are suggesting the city is using the second tactic you must not be watching the news or listening to the radio. The city has been clear on what it needs to do. Just look at my previous post.

Let’s look at the evidence. Bill Todd says there is no need for a tax increase, but he gives us no sound reasons why that is true. The city has not asked for an increase since 1982.

The city says we need to raise revenues. What evidence do we have of this? Hugh J. Dorrian who has been the city auditor for 40 years reports that we face a shortfall of 24 million by December 2009 if changes aren’t made. The republicans often do not field a candidate to run against Dorrian because evidently they do not feel they can beat him. When they do field a candidate it’s usually someone like you who does not mind losing badly. Generally with their own money and not that of the republican party.

Coleman has already made service cuts. I have seen colleagues clean out their desks, I have seen families concerned about their future, and I have seen citizens worry that needed services will not be available. So don’t tell me this is not real and some political stunt.