Supreme Court Follows GOP Playbook

Liberals are Fighting for the Soul of Our Country

Time Warner and Comcast Merger is a Bad Deal for Consumers

Blue Jackets Trade Marian Gaborik to L.A. Kings.

Supreme Court Follows GOP Playbook

U.S. Supreme Court

We know that politicians are partisan driven. When you vote for a candidate you generally know their ideology. In fact, both parties are so entrenched in their beliefs that the current congress is not able to function. It should not operate that way at the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS). While they are nominated by…

Liberals are Fighting for the Soul of Our Country

Rick Santorum

Being a Republican used to mean you were in favor of lower taxes and less government. However, today’s Republicans have decided that they should also tell Americans who they should love, what religion they should be, and how they should deal with a woman’s pregnancy. They also are against programs that help children, the elderly,…

Blue Jackets Trade Marian Gaborik to L.A. Kings.

Marian Gaborik

The Los Angeles Kings needed a scorer and the Columbus Blue Jackets had one available. So at the trade deadline the Kings gave the Blue Jackets Matt Frattin and a couple of draft picks for Marian Gaborik. It’s sounds like a natural move by both teams that was bound to happen. In 2012 the Kings…

GOP Attacks Democrats by Trying to Destroy the Internet


I began online communications using the old Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and later went to the private Compuserve network, the first online service of it’s kind. So I’ve been around online communications before the days of the internet. In the old days of online communication and in the beginning of the Internet, communications had a…

Mental Health Needs go Unmet (Video)

Mental Health Needs Unmet

If you talk to anyone who works in the mental health system, they will tell you they are sick and tired of those people who say we need more help for the mentally ill. It sounds good, but these people never pull out their wallets when it comes time to pay for needed services. What…

Columbus Named “Secret Foodie” City by Forbes

Columbus is a "Secret Foodie" city.

Forbes Travel Guide has named Columbus, Ohio as one of five secret foodie cities. The others are Minneapolis MN, Little Rock AK, Boulder CO, and Ashville NC. Here’s what Forbes said about Columbus. Known more for its businesses than its food, Columbus is quickly transforming that reputation, particularly in the Short North Arts District near…

Two Texas Republicans Show Their Backsides

Randy Weber

When Texas talks about seceding from the union polls always show the rest of America seems to be happy to let them go. I am one of those people. Still, I realize that there are probably ramifications to that I have never thought of and it would be a rather flippant answer to an important…

Maybe the Blue Jackets Are For Real


About a month ago I wrote a post asking if the Blue Jackets would make the NHL playoffs. Well it’s a month later and the answer to that question is looking more positive. The Jackets have won eight games in a row and if the season ended today they would be playing the New York…

How Hard Is It?


How hard is it really? How hard is it to stop the Republicans from making incredibly stupid statements that would get most sane people a trip to the mental ward? I’m not talking about the climate deniers, the intelligent design crowd, or the right to lifers. I’m not even talking about the gun nuts, the…

The Republican Boilerplate for Comments


Recently I have spent some time on conservative social sites as well as neutral sites that have an established conservative base. I have noticed a trend. Many of the commenters on these sites use the same formula for their posts. It goes something like this although there are variations and substitutions made. REPUBLICAN COMMENT BOILERPLATE:…

Blue Jackets make Push Towards the Playoffs


After a period where the Columbus Blue Jackets played terrible hockey, they seemed to have turned it around and have won five of six in the new year including 5 five in a row. Several factors have contributed to this turnaround. As I stated in an earlier post, the Blue Jackets had been decimated by…

Oops I Did it Again


The number of times the Republicans try and change the facts to ones that meet their needs is amazing. First was George’s WMD’s, then Issa’s Benghazi, and finally Cruz’s denial over the government shutdown. The only rational argument for the Republicans arguments can be its complete irrationality. Or the insanity of doing the same thing…