OSU vs. Rutgers Recap

Obama is a Damn Good President

Boehner Disrespects Civil Rights Leaders

Madrigal Maniac's OSU vs. Maryland Recap

OSU vs. Rutgers Recap

Maybe it’s time I stopped doubting the Buckeyes. Of course, I always knew they had a good team, I just…

OSU vs. Rutgers Recap

OSU versus Rutgers

Maybe it’s time I stopped doubting the Buckeyes. Of course, I always knew they had a good team, I just could not figure out how good they were. Well yesterday surprised me. I thought Rutgers would give Ohio State more of a game than they did. However, now I’m left to wonder did OSU beat…

Obama is a Damn Good President


I get tired of hearing the Republican base blaming Obama for everything and refusing to credit him for the good he has accomplished. By base I mean the racist, women hating, poor are lazy, god fearing, gun nut psychotic crowd. The right wants Americans to think they are the righteous strength of the United States,…

Boehner Disrespects Civil Rights Leaders

Bush signs VRA ammendments

In June of 2014 the United States Supreme Court effectively gutted the Voting Rights Act (VRA) by a 5 to 4 decision. This was a law that even Justice Roberts said had worked since 1965. Only someone as out of touch as Justice Roberts could have used the rationale that if it is working let’s…

Madrigal Maniac’s OSU vs. Maryland Recap


A workman like performance by the Buckeyes. Maryland’s play did not look like a team with a 4 and 1 record. They were easily outclassed by Ohio State. I followed one of the Maryland forums during the game and all of the fans were begging for Rowe to replace C.J. Brown. At first I thought…

Cal Thomas is an Old Fart

Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas is an “Old Fart.” There’s nothing wrong with being an old fart. It’s possible you could be a very nice person. To be in this club you have to be of an older age, although that can be subjective, and you have to have a willingness to sit around with other old farts…

Madrigal Maniac’s OSU vs. Cincinnati Recap


When OSU plays the University of Cincinnati I always get nervous. First of all their record is 2 and 13 against the Buckeyes. True the two wins were away games, but they were still OSU losses against an in state school. One that seems to be improving their program. Again, this game while a run…

Support TANF in Continuing Resolution


The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) was created by the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act instituted under President Bill Clinton in 1996. Many conservatives disagreed with the previous program Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). They believed that a welfare program for families should have a work incentive component. Under TANF recipients…

Kent State Primer for Urban Outfitters


Editors Note: This post originally mentioned Ambercrombie and Fitch, the offending party is actually Urban Outfitters. My mistake. This post is for Urban Outfitters and all of those people who don’t know about or understand the significance of what happened at Kent State University on May 4, 1970. It was a seminal moment for this…