Trump Continues GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Trump Supporters Live in an Alternate Reality

Ohio: What is Wrong with My State?

Robocalls: Stop Calling Me!

Trump Continues GOP Voter Suppression Efforts

Voter Suppression

In the last days of the election for President of the United States, Republican nominee Donald Trump has approved a voter suppression plan. Apparently, his campaign staff feels this is the only way he can win since it appears that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is kicking his rear end in the polls. The effort will…

Trump Supporters Live in an Alternate Reality

The Wall

After admitting to sexual assault and using derogatory comments to describe his thoughts on women, Donald Trump gave maybe the worst apology in political history. His first apology said he was just using locker room talk. His second apology was used to bash Bill Clinton and deflect blame onto another Donald Trump who no longer…

Ohio: What is Wrong with My State?


I am a Buckeye through and through. I was born here, lived here all of my life, and am a graduate of The Ohio State University. I’ve lived in the rural areas of Ohio and in a big city. At least for one week of the year, I can’t stand that state up north. In addition…

Robocalls: Stop Calling Me!


I realize what I am about to rant about may not be the most important subject on the planet. Still, I find it to be a pain in the ass. Plus, I believe it’s something that could be easily stopped. The subject of my ire is what is called Robocalls. I currently am getting 4…

Bad Strategy for Donations


I am a Democrat. I have been a liberal all of my life. Being a liberal I have been a supporter of the Democratic Party for many years as a volunteer,  spokesperson,  and have made donations to the party. However,  recently the party and those who support it or its positions have relied on a…

Trump Supporter Comments

I See Stupid People

Recently I spent some time debating Trump supporters on YouTube. The discussion centered around an interview conducted by CNN anchor Kate Snow with Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson. Some media outlets suggested that Pierson did not perform well. Of course, Trump supporters blamed the media in general and Snow in particular. I had seen Pierson on…

Geico Insurance Sucks


Geico stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. Originally, it was insurance for government workers but has since branched out over the years to become the second-largest insurer behind State Farm.Their parent company is Berkshire Hathaway which is the company controlled by Warren Buffett. I like Mr. Buffett and it surprises me he would own a company which has a…

Supporters: Trump versus Hillary


I thought about writing this post when a saw an article on BuzzFeed listing the supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I added a few more from other sources. Once I saw the list it made perfect sense to me. As I’ve written before, I believe most of the Trump supporters are angry white undereducated…

Trump is a Narcissistic Con Man and I Can Sorta Prove It

Trump selling snake oil

I firmly believe that the Republican nominee for president is a sick man. I would submit that he is a narcissistic con man. By narcissistic, I don’t mean that he is into himself a little too much. As a mental health clinician, I believe it is possible he has narcissistic personality disorder. Because I am basing…

Bernie Should Shut-Up

Bernie Sanders

It’s tough for me to say this because I like Bernie Sanders. He is a liberal, a socialist, and is against the current corporate structure. All are ideologies that I can get onboard with. However, currently he is an impediment to the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. His supporters seem maniacal in their fervor for his…